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Tools made in England


Where we are

Ashley ran his business in Sheffield until, in 1967, the search for adequate premises led him and his family to Lincolnshire. And this is where the factory is today. As a consequence its location is somewhat unusual; instead of being situated on some grimy industrial estate, it sits alone, in the heart of the countryside, on the edge of the Lincolnshire fens, a mile or so from the small village of East Kirkby.

Visits To Ashley Iles factory

Visitors are welcome to the factory, please call us before setting off to make sure someone will be available to help you on arrival.  Factory tours can be arranged for groups of 10 to 15 people.

To make arrangements please contact us.

Who we are

Ashley Iles Ltd is a family run UK firm and all of our tools are made in the UK. Its story began in the autumn of 1949 when a pattern maker named Ashley Iles gave up his day job and set out on his own to make and sell tools.

He began by renting a small workshop in Sheffield for 5 shillings a week and ended up with a factory making carving and woodturning tools with a brand known worldwide.

Today the company is run by two of his sons, Tony and Barry, with the help of Tony's wife, Christine, who as Company Secretary, looks after the administrative and clerical details.

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